Lesbos, the island that is located in the eastern side of the Aegean sea, is the third biggest island in Greece, and it had been blessed with forests, mountains and plains, natural hot springs and an endless coastline.

Tzviki Eshet


לסבוס יוון


An island in the east Aegean sea, Lesbos is the third largest of the Greek isles, and it is blessed with forests, mountains and plains, natural hot springs, an endless coastline, two deep gulfs, picturesque towns, fertile soil, olive trees, fruit trees and around three hundred species of culinary and medicinal herbs, as many as there are sunny days in a year.

The ouzo drink has become recognized with its center of production here, and today, ouzo is an integral part of life on the island. Everywhere you go you'll find wonderful tavernas, rustic fishing villages and wild bathing beaches, regardless of where you are headed.


In Mytilene, the capital of Lesbos, you can find exquisite food in numerous places. The Adonis taverna has been serving traditional local food for over a hundred years, such as stuffed zucchini flowers and fried cheese balls made from local cheese. Staring at the island's breathtaking views, sipping the local ouzo, you'll know you came to the right place.


In the old port, at the end of Ermou Street, you'll find Rebetika, an excellent and extremely popular taverna. Here, it is recommended to order everything freshly caught from the sea. Ermis has been the best ouzeri in the city for a hundred years or so, and here you can find the best variety of ouzo and fish and seafood you won't find in just any restaurant.


Just across the street is Kastro, a small ouzeri that also offers a respectable ouzo selection, as well as complementary mezze. Around 40 kilometers north of Mytilene, in the village of Skala Sikaminias, there is the Anemoessa tavrna on the beach, which is also recommended.