Meat Restaurant in Tel Aviv

For the first time ever, residents and visitors to Tel Aviv can get amazing Greek food when they stop in for a meal at Greco. With delicious meals served daily and an ambiance that will transport you directly to the beautiful country of Greece, this meat restaurant in Tel Aviv is the best that there is and consistently top-rated by all customers who visit and get a bite to eat.







Choosing Your Meal


If you have been on the hunt for the best meat restaurant in Tel Aviv, then you probably already have an idea of what you want to eat at Greco. They excel at all kinds of food but their hot dishes are the best. From a lamb kremidi calzone that is packed with lamb, herbs, and pine nuts to lahano dolmades, cabbage stuffed with rice and meat in a sharp and delicious lemon sauce, they offer meals that will appeal to every diner.


Enjoy Desserts


When researching a Tel Aviv meat restaurant, you may not think that you will be able to also get a great dessert at the end of your meal; however, that’s another area where Greco, one of the top restaurant in Tel Aviv, really shines. Their desserts are made in the restaurant and range from a fig and almond tart to homemade Greek sorbet and even kaimaki, a goat yogurt ice cream with toasted almonds and a raspberry syrup. You don’t have to sacrifice an amazing dessert when you visit the best Tel Aviv meat restaurant.


Going out to eat should be a pleasure and the chefs at Greco make sure that each visit to their restaurant is an experience to remember, serves the best food in Tel Aviv. No matter what kind of meal you are interested in, remember that they excel at meat dishes and will always make sure that you are happy with your meal.