The book "The Greek Cuisine"

Greco Greek cuisine is dedicated in its entirety to the wonders of the Greek cuisine, and it contains everything needed in order to enjoy good food as only the Greek know. And now – given the tremendous success of the regular version, comes the Kosher version!


For the first time in Israel, a collection of over a hundred genuine Greek recipes which were specifically adjusted to the Israeli home cuisine.


Zviki Eshet has been nurturing his magical affair with Greece – its landscapes, people and food – for four decades now.

Together with the Chef Eliav Goldenberg, who got infected by Zviki's love for that country, they undertook numerous trips throughout Greece, travelled and explored the country over its length and breadth, tasted everything that was served, drank as much Ouzo, met Chefs and various cooks and learned the secrets.

The sun and the sea, the islands and the land, the small villages and the tempestuous Athens – everything receives its unique description and photographs so that the heart and the appetite awaken at once.

"a new cookbook,

one of the finest and most beautiful that were published in recent years…"
Israel Aharoni. 7 Days, Yediot Ahronot


"a cookbook which has left us openmouthed…"


"one of the most captivating cookbooks that were written in Hebrew lately…

and book of adventure and of cuddling with a beloved…"
Libi shperling, Ha'aretz


"A song of praise to Greece. Such a collection of tempting and appetizing photos,

combined with food stories and local folklore we hadn't seen yet…

a lovely present for anyone in-love with Greek culture and for anyone

who wishes to fall in-love…"
'On the Table' magazine