A real Greek Cuisine. For the first time in Israel, a genuine Greek menu, which includes recipes that were experienced and studied first hand in Greece and then adjusted to the conditions of the Israeli home cuisine, and contains everything needed in order to enjoy excellent food as only the Greeks know how to do, with lots of olive oil, Feta cheese, Oregano and honey.

Because with the Greeks each meal is a kind of celebration, an opportunity to open a table, remove the cork from an Ouzo bottle, spend time with the family and friends, forget everything and enjoy life.

Zviki Eshet has been nurturing his magical affair with Greece – its landscapes, people and food – for four decades now. Together with the Chef Eliav Goldenberg, who got infected by Zviki's love for that country, they undertook numerous trips throughout Greece, travelled and explored the country over its length and breadth, tasted everything that was served, drank as much Ouzo, met Chefs and various cooks and learned the secrets.

The sun and the sea, the islands and the land, the small villages and tempestuous Athens –
everything comes to life in Greco, the Greek restaurant at the culinary compound,
Grinberg 25, in the Ezorei Chen Neighborhood.