Top Restaurants in Tel Aviv

Savor Greek Flavors at Greco, One of Top Restaurants in Tel Aviv

Part of the fun of traveling abroad is experiencing all of the yummy foods that each country has to offer. Plus, you get to see how each type of cuisine is served differently in other parts of the world. If you love Greek food, you definitely should not miss one of the top restaurants in Tel Aviv, Greco. This authentically Greek restaurant serves up the best souvlaki and ouzo bar in the city. Do not skip this place!







Best of Greek Cuisine


Greco, one of the top Tel Aviv restaurants, combines traditional Greek flavors with Israeli traditions to produce the best food in Tel Aviv. The food is made with lots of olive oil, Feta cheese, oregano, and honey, just the way that they do it in Greece. Greco has three different locations in Israel for you to enjoy.


Authentic Taste


The top restaurant in Tel Aviv, Greco, combines wonderfully authentic Greek food with a Greek-inspired environment. You will order from a menu that includes favorites such as gyros, fava beans, and so much more. If you are Greek or just love Greek food, you are in for a treat at this top Tel Aviv restaurant.


If you are planning a trip to Tel Aviv in the near future, book a reservation at Greco, the best restaurant in Tel Aviv. You will love every second you spend at this beautiful, tasty restaurant that celebrates Greek food and culture. Enjoy Greek favorites and even a Greek bar. No trip to Tel Aviv is complete without a visit to Greco.