Cool Restaurant in Tel Aviv

The Greco Restaurant Is One Cool Restaurant in Tel Aviv

If you are seeking a place that features real Greek cuisine and is an upscale and exciting place to eat, you will find such a venue by visiting the Greco restaurant that also bills itself as a souvlaki and ouzo bar. Greek music also filters into the atmosphere, which makes dining at Greco a true Greek festival and feast.







Cool and Greek


If you are seeking a cool restaurant in Tel Aviv that emphasizes Greek foods and culture, you want to make sure you stop in at Greco - Greek restaurant in Tel Aviv. The sumptuous items on the menu were first tested in Greece before being adapted to the conditions for Israeli local cuisine.


Some of the Selections


To enjoy one of the truly great cool restaurants in Tel Aviv, make reservations online. You can call Greco to schedule a reservation too. Lunch and dinner offerings include the best food in Tel Aviv. Such foods as the following:

Greek bread with olives and olive oil

Himani domata, or tomatoes with shredded feta cheese, oregano, and olive oil

Grilled pitas with olives and olive oil


Some of the Cold Dishes


At Greco you will enjoy the best lunch in Tel Aviv. You could choose to eat some of the cold or hot dishes. Cold dishes are also featured in small and large sizes. For example, you can choose from such unique specialties as the following:

Tzatziki (yogurt, garlic, dill, and cucumber)

Feta in oregano and olive oil

Pickled herring in lemon and olive oil with coriander seeds

Fresh fish served with sheep cheese and pickled mushrooms


Because Greco is such a good Tel Aviv restaurant, you also want to try the fava, made in a number of taste-tempting ways. You simply cannot find cool Tel Aviv restaurants as special as Greco. Why not book a reservation today?