Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv

Enjoy Great Greek Food at One of the Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv

For those looking for authentic Greek food, you can’t do better than Greco. Its dishes from Athens, Lesbos, and the other Greek Isles, have taken off to help make it one of the best Tel Aviv restaurants for those looking to enjoy the ultimate in Greek cuisine. From fine breaded dishes served with olive oil, to dozens of scintillating meat and pasta recipes served with feta cheese, to fine Greek wines, Greco is undoubtedly the best restaurant in Tel Aviv for authentic Greek cuisine.







Lots of good restaurants in Tel Aviv


One of the best things about Tel Aviv is that it’s a truly international city. There’s something for everyone and from everywhere, all while remaining true to Israel’s Jewish roots, that creates one of the most liberating cities and unique tourist experiences in the region. Nowhere is that more evident than in Tel Aviv’s vibrant culinary scene. You can find everything from Jewish dishes from around the Diaspora to regional dish, French cuisine, and, of course, Greek food as well.


Food from the Balkan part of the Diaspora has always had a home in Israel, and it's only surged in popularity the past few years among the best restaurants in Tel Aviv, including Greco!


Greco-Israeli Cuisine


Part of what sets Greco apart is that it provides authentic Greek cuisine that meets the conditions for Israeli native cuisine. The result is a beautiful blend of both worlds, something old and new, making Greco the best Tel Aviv restaurant for Greco-Israeli cuisine.


Enjoy a culinary experience like no other with great Greek entrees at Greco.