Best Lunch in Tel Aviv

Eat the Best Lunch in Tel Aviv at the Greco Restaurant

If you want to avoid the regular lunch cuisine of soup or salad, you may want to head on over to Greco in Tel Aviv. This restaurant not only features a friendly and festive atmosphere but it also boasts delicious luncheon selections. Therefore, if you are looking for a place that highlights the best Tel Aviv lunch, you will want to eat at Greco.







Best dishes for lunch at Greco


one of the dishes that you will want to try is the zucchini patties. This delicious entrée is made with feta cheese, herbs, and kefalotyri cheese. A different and savory stew to try is the spanakorizo. This specialty dish is made with spinach stew and rice and includes lemon, olive oil, and herbs.


Try the Gavros


You will definitely believe you have found the best lunch in Tel Aviv when you taste the zucchini fries made with lemon and tzatziki. Your taste buds will also delight in the gavros, which are fried baby anchovies with added oregano, lemon, and salt.


Check Out the Lamb Kremidi Calzone


Have you ever eaten grilled octopus? You can also find this delicacy at Greco. The specialty dish is made with olive oil, vinegar, oregano, grilled onions, and lemon. If you tend to favor a less exotic food item, try the lamb kremidi calzone. This popular Greco dish features a Greek calzone filled with lamb, herbs, and pine nuts.


You can also enjoy souvlaki and gyros at the friendly Greek eatery. Some of the featured dishes include veal and lamb gyros, vegetarian gyros, and spring chicken souvlaki. Therefore, if you want to experience the best lunch in Tel Aviv, you will find it at Greco.